Letter from… Tampa, Florida

From Megan Kovach, Senior Executive

Across the United States, governors began introducing plans to ease the lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures that were assigned to each state.

During the peak of the coronavirus outbreak, over 300 million Americans were placed under strict orders to ‘stay home’ in order to help ‘save lives’.

As businesses began closing doors and isolation swept across the nation, what was once the highest performing stock market in American history dropped to recession-level lows, tanking the US economy and overturning decades of job growth. 

Despite the lockdown measures, cases rapidly continued spreading across the country, with a total of 1.36 million cases and 72,023 deaths of COVID-19 reported in America. 

A jobless USA saw over 30 million Americans file unemployment claims, which economists say is the highest unemployment rate since the 1930s.

With a bleeding country, both in sickness and in wealth, the Federal Government began taking action to reopen the American economy.

During the White House press briefings, President Trump encouraged businesses to open doors and Americans to get back to work.

‘Make America Great Again’ was seemingly replaced with ‘Make America Reopen Again’.

This initially sparked an uproar amongst citizens who claimed the Federal Government prioritized the welfare of the economy over the health and safety of the American people.

A new report from the University of Washington now forecasts more than 137,000 Americans will die by early August from COVID-19, as governors continuing lifting measures towards reopening.

With a presidential election around the corner, political parties from both sides are promoting their agendas on the best approach for the nation, as we continue tackling this coronavirus catastrophe.

Protesting has also ignited across the country, as frustrated Americans claim the stay-at-home orders imposed by the state officials are unnecessarily hurting citizens.

The COVID-19 restrictions ordered by governing bodies are now challenged to be an infringement on the American civil liberties and freedoms protected in the United States Constitution.

Our country now faces one of the most perplexed political and economic conundrums in history, with conflict between the state and federal government to agree on policy, as well as governing orders challenged as dishonoring the American constitutional rights. 

So, what does this mean for United States citizens? 

Do we trust the nation’s elected leaders who are encouraging life to resume normality despite the outbreak of a global pandemic? 

Or do we listen to the media’s portrayal of scientific reports and data claiming this is all wrong, with several states continuing to restrict Americans to staying home? 

Self-isolation lead to social distancing, which has now resulted in a nation-wide state of confusion. 

Thank you COVID-19.