Property and Places: Hampton Court Palace

By Eleanor Rockey

Following the recent events of the Queen’s platinum Jubilee, it seems fitting to showcase one of my favourite historical spots – previously home to some of Britain’s most renowned royal figures. 

Built during the 16th century by Cardinal Wolsey, Hampton Court Palace stands as a landmark for Tudor and Georgian history.

Most famously occupied by Henry VIII, the Palace represents various periods of architecture and design, and remains key to helping history enthusiasts understand our past.

Following the departure of the last royals in 1737, the Palace was officially opened to the public in 1838 by Queen Victoria and has since been a magnet to visitors from across the globe, attracting thousands a year to view the architecture, exhibitions, and gardens, and take part in events.

Having lived close to Hampton Court Palace for most of my life, it has been fascinating to observe the influence of its beauty on the surrounding area. The appearance of the local town reflects a complex history, with local pubs, sporting venues and boutique shops retaining their period features, and the properties here are highly sought-after.

Alongside this, the area around Hampton Court Palace is rich in its leafy offering, making it an even more desirable place to live. Just a stone’s throw away is the second-largest of London’s eight Royal Parks, Bushy Park – freely enjoyed by visitors and locals with access to children’s playgrounds, park runs, and plenty of space for picnics or a family day trip.

Whilst modernising to suit the needs of contemporary living, the area has effortlessly retained a characteristic charm, and remains one of the key reasons people are drawn to this suburban part of south west London. The opportunity to live near a royal property has continued to catch the attention of buyers across the world, with recent data by LonRes highlighting a property price hotspot for homes in proximity to one of Capital’s palaces.

Like other historic sites across the globe, Hampton Court Palace has had to adapt with the changing times. It now not only acts as an educational site for visitors, but also hosts key events in the British calendar. With the Hampton Court Flower Show, Magic Garden, and open-air cinema and festival, there are plenty of varied ways you can visit and enjoy what the palace has on offer.

In a constantly changing world, Hampton Court Palace sets a fantastic example of how historical sites have had to adjust to stay relevant and it is sure to attract many to the area for years to come.