The Edinburgh Licensed taxi partnership (ELTP) was formed by the city’s major licensed taxi companies to create a representative voice for the industry in Edinburgh. Altogether there are 5,000 taxi drivers in Edinburgh who make up to 5 million journeys


Newgate helped ELTP to communicate with key stakeholders, local press and the general public


Newgate (as predecessor PPS) was commissioned to put together a communications strategy for the new organisation, which wanted to get away from the poor representation the trade had traditionally had in the press and council alike.

The centrepiece of this strategy was the development of a manifesto for the organisation that set out its goals, aspirations and commitment to maintaining a high quality service for the citizens of Edinburgh. This manifesto was sent to all elected officials in the City to brief them on the issues and to help establish a strong working relationship.

An early requirement of our engagement was to get Historic Scotland to overturn a ban on taxis displaying advertising from accessing Holyrood Park. This was proving deeply unpopular with customers and a particular obstacle to the continued success of the trade in Edinburgh. After detailed negotiation Historic Scotland agreed to change the rules.

Another key requirement was to achieve a fare review with the City enabling an 8.4% rise in fares. Newgate handled stakeholder negotiation and media management around this sensitive subject and the result was the fare rise was achieved with positive publicity, and without any damage to the trade’s reputation in the City.