Our research team are experts in supporting financial services companies to understand their customers, stakeholders, competitors, and take action on market opportunities.

We have conducted many research projects for financial services companies including exploring community and employee opinions in relation to major issues impacting individual banks and the banking sector, retail shareholder research for financial transactions and to inform ongoing investor relations, brand and customer satisfaction tracking, and research into financial wellbeing.

Examples of work that members of our team have undertaken include:

•reputational benchmarking and tracking surveys

•evaluating propositions, messaging and creative for new services and campaigns on behalf of financial institutions and pensions providers

•customer experience and immersion sessions, to inform strategy and service development

•research with shareholders and stakeholders in relation to acquisitions or flotations

•exploring community perceptions of the banking industry to identify initiatives most likely to influence opinion on behalf of a national bankers association

•evaluations of programmes and initiatives designed to improve financial capabilities for non-departmental bodies

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