We work with organisations to define and articulate their social and commercial Purpose and build an ESG brand narrative.

Purpose is rapidly becoming as important as profit in determining how an organisation is perceived and judged. It is the reason for an organisation existing, the values it represents and the mission it has to contribute to society in a positive way. It is also a key measure of leadership, for the C-suite and the business itself.

What do you stand for? Why do you exist? What is your plan? These questions require clear answers and come with increasing urgency from customers, staff, activists, investors, politicians and communities.

Organisations are currently facing two of the biggest global challenges in living memory: COVID-19 and climate change. These events are changing the structure of our economies, bringing to the fore the need for businesses to serve all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

While many global investors, fund managers and banks look to companies to use Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) metrics to demonstrate that they are future-proofed and have factored in a wide range of risk factors beyond traditional P&L, Purpose is the strategic foundation that directs ESG metrics.

A well-crafted company Purpose is not just a bumper sticker. Companies which shirk their responsibilities towards society risk losing their licence to operate and provide a ready lever for activists and competitors to use to impose change.  

Our communications, advocacy and research specialists work with in-house and advisory teams to audit and articulate their Purpose strategy and ESG narrative and amplify that through communications and content campaigns and story-telling to positively define how an organisation is perceived and judged.

Newgate offering and advisory

Mid – small cap

  • Define Purpose strategy and build a Purpose and ESG narrative and communications programme
  • Targeted stakeholder communications and influencer campaigns
  • Build investor story based on ESG metrics


  • Specialist ESG investment comms to enable funds to demonstrate UNSDG and UNPRI compliance; enabling them to fulfil their fiduciary duty to existing and prospective clients and industry influencers (consultants and trustees)

Large cap

  • Audit, articulate and amplify Purpose and mission
  • Stakeholder and brand auditing and issues analysis
  • Stakeholder communications programmes
  • Special situations and issues management
  • Governance planning

Key Contacts

Andrew Adie

Managing Director

> Andrew helps clients develop insight-driven campaigns including thought leadership and content based on research.

Sophie Morello

Associate Director

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