Transport and infrastructure have never been so high on the government’s agenda. Controversial issues, from a new runway in the South East to a dysfunctional rail sector, split opinion down the middle.

And while new technologies such as autonomous vehicles and electric cars promise much, there are still questions around the regulatory framework in which they will operate and the effect they will have on more traditional modes of transport.

All this means that getting your voice heard in Whitehall and the media is only getting harder.

At SEC Newgate, we have significant experience of navigating our clients through these difficulties and using our experience to help them achieve their objectives.

This is achieved through an unparalleled network of contacts from politics, the media and the industry, combined with a deep understanding of the messages that resonate with them. We set the strategy, produce the content, and deliver it to those who matter.

Our experience includes work for large multi-national companies to ambitious start-ups. Whatever the size of the business, the techniques we use help them get the cut-through they need.

Key Contacts

Paul Kelly

Co-Head, Advocacy

Paul jointly leads our Advocacy practice and advises clients on new energy and infrastructure projects.

Douglas Johnson

Director, Advocacy

Douglas advises clients on securing consent for energy and infrastructure projects, including Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.

Robin Tozer

Director, Communications

> Robin works with clients on their financial and corporate communications as well as crisis work.

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