Our specialist Wealth and Asset Management team has nurtured long-lasting relationships with leading names across the industry – from the largest players with extensive global footprints, to boutique firms and investment trusts with highly specialised expertise and offering. We advise investment management clients who collectively have more than £10 trillion assets under administration.

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As custodians of such a vast amount of global capital, they carry the immense responsibility (both collectively and individually) of conveying their corporate purpose, impact, and leadership credentials in a meaningful way. 

Fiduciary pressures under challenging market conditions – coupled with the added regulatory and public scrutiny – require an efficient management of nuanced communication across an ever-growing list of stakeholders. We deliver value by supporting this process, and pride ourselves in serving as a trusted partner throughout. 

Our experienced team includes dedicated, specialist advisers with extensive ESG expertise, regulatory and policy experts, ex-journalists at leading global media outlets, and former in-house professionals from some of the sector’s most established names – offering sharp insight, which we employ each day to help our clients achieve their goals.

We are well-connected to global media and influential stakeholders across financial services – including trade associations, pensions schemes, consultants, and fintech firms. This enables us to cut through the noise and achieve measurable results with a tangible impact on the bottom line of their businesses.

  • With a wealth of experience in navigating diverse client demands, we know how to differentiate you from the competition. 

  • We create strategic and proactive media relations campaigns targeted to key stakeholders – whether that is institutional investors, intermediaries, or retail investors. 

  • We specialise in helping shape a corporate narrative that best represents an organisation, and then rolling that narrative out to target audiences through the SEC Newgate global network.

  • We also provide crisis support and special situations support – should clients require it.

To learn more, contact us at wam@secnewgate.co.uk

Key Contacts

Sally Walton

MD, Communications

> Sally supports financial services clients particularly those within the asset management and pensions sectors.

Sara Neidle

Director, Communications

Henry Adefope

Associate Director, Communications

Gareth Jones

Director, Communications

Alistair Kellie

Co-Head, Communications

> Alistair helps position, promote and protect corporate reputations, both in the UK and internationally.

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