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Meet Jake Pryszlak

Jake joined SEC Newgate from Meshh where he managed the research function for the events analytics company working with a wide range of businesses including Formula 1, London Marathon, Nielsen, UEFA, Nike, Sky, NASCAR, Lexus, Renault, and Coca Cola.

He has also managed large scale quantitative (ad-hoc and tracker studies) & qualitative research studies for leading sportswear brands around the world. Helping brands to monitor their reputation as well as product development which normally meant he would get a free pair of sports trainers along the way!

A frequent discussion is around Jake's growing trainer cupboard area!

Jake is also an internationally renowned speaker and commentator (via discussing topics related to research, insight and next-generation market research bringing over six years’ experience. As a Forbes columnist and award-winning research blogger Jake brings valuable experience in making complex research findings accessible and engaging to multiple audiences through storytelling and data visualisation.


So I was told to provide a random fact but I thought a quiz would be better?!
I climbed up to 17,600 FT, guess the mountain and country… GO!

Jake Pryszlak

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