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20 February 2024
Digital and Insight

Google hits the brakes on Gemini  
Google hit the brakes on Gemini's AI image-maker after receiving a number of complaints around the incorrect generation of historical figures, specifically in regard to the US Founding Fathers. Amidst a social media uproar, Google quickly owned up to the glitch, promising a fix and temporarily shelving the feature. This hiccup arrives as Google hustles to hold the pace with OpenAI, especially after the latter's recent launch of Sora, a text-to-video AI marvel. Despite this stumble, Google remains committed to tackling bias and ensuring its AI mirrors the diverse global community.  

Striking the right balance between rapid innovation in the early stages of development while maintaining a competitive edge continues to pose challenges for tech companies. This isn’t the first-time issues or questions of diversity have been brought to the surface. The BBC recently reported OpenAI as also ‘perpetuating harmful stereotypes,’ through their own image generation platform, Dall-E.   

AI takes the lead – How AI is impacting election campaigns  
The recent election campaigns in Pakistan, India and Indonesia are already providing a glimpse into how AI is revolutionising electoral tactics. From AI-generated campaign materials like cartoon avatars to sentiment-tracking chatbots, parties are leveraging AI in unprecedented ways. With a significant portion of the global population eligible to vote this year, AI companies are racing to keep pace with these evolving strategies.  

Nvidia revenue off the charts  
As companies like Microsoft, OpenAI and Amazon scramble to keep the pace in AI development, AI chipmaker, Nvidia is reaping the rewards with ‘revenue up 22% from the previous quarter up 265% from a year ago.’ This not only solidifies Nvidia’s position as a global tech leader, but as the ‘barometer for AI interest,’ these earnings indicate that there is no sign of AI development slowing down.