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Energy Transition and the Future of Transport

Energy Transition and the Future of Transport Event
energy transition
future of transport

This week, SEC Newgate UK hosted a panel event and networking breakfast to discuss the energy transition and how this will affect the future of transport.

The panel of experts was moderated by SEC Newgate’s Naomi Kerbel, Director, Communications and included Danielle Walsh, CEO and Co-Founder of Clearly, Rebecca Harris, Principal Planning and Integration Manager of Network Rail, Mike Bell, Chief Strategy & Digital Officer of Ricardo Plc and Helena Anderson, Co-Founder and COO of Ikigai Capital.

Our key points of discussion were centred on:

The mega trends impacting the energy transition

The panellists explained how there are pockets of investment and infrastructure that are helping us work towards our decarbonisation goals.

However, these pockets are at risk of becoming siloed and isolated from one another unless a wider plan is put in place to connect these projects.

Not only this but the UK does not currently have a fully functioning critical minerals strategy, which risks us being unable to manufacture our own low carbon transportation.

How data and technology can help the energy transition with transport

The discussion from the panellists helped us to understand the challenges and opportunities presented when decarbonising the aviation industry, as research into passenger habits for regional flights have revealed 35% of emissions come from surface travel to and from the airport (only 10% from aviation itself).

This has helped to inform the industry that closing regional airports is not necessarily the solution in decarbonisation efforts, as passengers will have to travel further on other modes of transport (mainly cars) to reach the airport.

The investment landscape for the energy transition

Panellists agreed that the investment landscape is strong in the UK, but needs support from the government in terms of regulation, subsidies and relief in order to make a more reliable environment for investors. There is a huge amount of capital both domestically and abroad that can be utilised once a clear path forward has been established.  

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