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Letter from... Warsaw


By Barbara Czerniawska
Director, SEC Newgate Poland

The streets in Warsaw are deserted. The media have been publishing photographs and videos showing single cars in the streets which used to be busy, few passengers on buses and trams. A city without people looks surprising in the spring sun.

Most of my friends work remotely. For many of them it is a big challenge to break the daily routine. And yet a lot is happening. There are new business challenges to be faced. Customers need support to tackle new challenges. Remote operation is not obvious to everyone. The new situation reveals the quality of leadership, good or bad team relations. Regardless of how much longer this state of affairs will continue, many organisations will certainly need to redefine their current policy and priorities.

In the background, there is a great exchange of ideas on LinkedIn and other socials. It' s too early to judge which hints will prove to be effective. Surely the scale of the online activity is impressive. There is a great potential for a new, positive opening to other people, new ideas.

What's next? It's hard to say, but the scale of mutual kindness shown today shows that it will be better. Maybe not today, but soon. I'm sure of it.