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Purpose on Payday November 2023

Dubai COP28
By Sophie Morello
27 November 2023
Green & Good (ESG and Impact)

So, we’re approaching the start of the much-anticipated COP28. Thousands of people from around the world, including politicians and policy makers, scientists, NGO and business representatives, activists and academics, will be making their way to Dubai this week. The Conference will officially open this Thursday 30th, but the programme of events will really pick up from next Monday and close on the 12th December. Underpinning the event programme are four cross-cutting themes which are considered the foundation of effective climate action: Technology & Innovation, Inclusion, Frontline Communities and Finance.

The UAE has attracted some controversy as a host nation, given its economic focus on oil, and COP takes place at a time of huge geopolitical tension around the conflict in Ukraine and Gaza. All of this means there is pessimism about how effective this COP will be and whether we can achieve global consensus on new climate change commitments.

Officially, this COP is all about mobilising action. Social media communications from the COP team will be centred around the hash tag #ACTIONISM. They say, “Actionists are people - just like you - who are rising to meet the climate change challenge. They are the change-makers, needle-movers, and momentum-builders providing the hope, optimism, and ingenuity needed to solve humanity’s most urgent and ambitious challenge.”  We’ll report back on whether the conference has successfully mobilised action as it hopes to.

If you’re heading to Dubai this week or just want to get a sense of what it’ll be like on the ground, what’s going to be done and who’s going to be there, tune into the COP28 special edition of our In Conversation with…. Podcast. Our Director, Naomi Kerbel, speaks to our Head of Green & Good, Andrew Adie, about the big themes to look out for, from the Global Stocktake to activism, from fossil fuels to nature. For those attending the Conference in person, there are also some top tips on how to physically navigate COP.

Throughout the Conference SEC Newgate’s Green & Good team will be analysing each day’s events and sharing insights. We’ll also be reviewing the agenda and letting you know what will be the most significant and relevant speeches and announcements to watch out for.

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