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SEC Newgate announces the launch of TRUE®, its Artificial Intelligence platform

15 July 2020

SEC Newgate today announces the launch of TRUE®, its proprietary AI powered platform to run extensive and totally new to-market semantic and reputation assessments.

TRUE® is being launched in Italy in July following €1.5 million of investment and nearly three years of development in association with a pool of experts from international universities including Bocconi, Italy’s leading business school, and Imperial College London. The launch is also being supported by the platform’s first client, TreNord, Italy’s largest local rail services company, which has been using the tool as a beta tester.

TRUE® is initially functional in Italian but, from its inception, has been engineered to work in five European languages (English, French, German and Spanish, in addition to Italian) and will be progressively developed and fine-tuned to be operative in these linguistic contexts; English will be the next development stage of the platform, which is expected to be available during Q4 2020.

Commenting on this state-of-the-art technology, Fiorenzo Tagliabue, the Group’s CEO, said:

“SEC Newgate has taken a significant step forward in boosting the communications industry’s influence in reputation assessment through the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. TRUE® will provide unprecedented analysis capability for entities for which reputation is a strategic asset. TRUE® is the sole platform allowing continuous assessment and real time measurement of any reputational aspect across all available public data sources.

“TRUE® moves away from traditional reputation assessment tools which only use sample data and were developed to create corporate rankings. Our AI platform is a solid and consistent tool which can analyse an infinite number of data sources to support the protection and development of brand value. It provides senior communications professionals and company executives with detailed insights into all the elements that are positively or negatively impacting their brand’s reputation, across a wide range of stakeholders.”