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A year on, Remember Me

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The Very Reverend Dr David Ison, Dean, St Paul’s Cathedral

A year ago, as a nation, we would not have believed that the COVID related death toll would now stand at over 126,000 individuals and rising.  It continues to be important to St Paul’s that people, of all faiths and none, know that they can access our free and sensitive digital COVID memorial facility, - so that as many people as possible are memorialised, their lives are celebrated, and families and friends have opportunity to share grief and memories.  

As illustrated in the picture shown here, our intention is to build a Remember Me inner portico.  It will be the first build of its kind at the Cathedral in over 150 years and will take 9 – 12 months to build.  The materials are all British sourced along with the craftsmanship, celebrating British craft skills.  Once visitors go through the portico there will be a free to enter area where people can light a candle, take a moment, speak to a Chaplain, gain comfort and view those memorialised on the digital memorial site.  Our goal is that everyone in the UK can feel that this Remember Me memorial belongs to them and those they have loved and lost; and what better place for it to be housed than St Paul’s Cathedral, a place of remembrance and prayer, and a beacon of hope for all.

Subject to raising £2.3m, St Paul’s Cathedral intends to bring Remember Me into the Cathedral and create a living memorial so that all who have died of COVID are remembered and become part of our history. 

To support this important project please contact our Director of Development, Nicky Wynne at

SEC Newgate was delighted to provide pro bono support to the #RememberMe launch campaign last summer.