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Property and Places: St John's Wood

By SEC Newgate team
01 December 2022

By Shivangi Mishra

Being an ambivert, I have always fancied a good balance of quiet and chaos in my life.  

So, when I decided to move abroad, my biggest fear was finding a place that would allow me to grow while helping me stay rooted to who I truly am. Perhaps surprisingly, I found just that when I moved to St John’s Wood in 2021, an area that instantly reminded me of my own house in India, located in the heart of the city and covered by greenery, resembling a quiet cocoon that is also close to chaos.  

Situated a few minutes away from Baker Street, the area offers a good mix of designer stores and boutiques alongside thrift stores, as well as beautiful historic buildings. And, at the top of my list, a high street full of bakeries, wine shops, and cafes.  

The place also offers some of the most beautiful and expensive homes in London, making it an attractive destination for foreign buyers and celebrities alike. Allegedly home to big names such as Rihanna, Ed Sheeran and Sachin Tendulkar, St John’s Wood also accommodates some of the most visited tourist spots in London such as:  

Abbey Road Studios: A 7-minute walk from St John’s Wood station, this is where The Beatles recorded most of their songs, making this place a pole star for music fans. The studio is a 19th century building, with the world’s most famous pedestrian crossing nearby. A destination that is always flooded with music fans from across the globe, making car and bus drivers wait patiently as the fans indulge in taking pictures and videos recreating the cover photo from The Beatles’ final album. I would be lying if I said it had never crossed my mind to do so (and this blog is my cue to add it to my to-do list).  

Lord’s Cricket Ground: Anyone who has ever played or watched cricket knows the significance of Lord’s in the sport’s history. Despite being 200 years old, Lord's – also known as the home of cricket – continues to inspire a sense of sentimentality in cricket fans and players. St John’s Wood residents and fans alike can enjoy the cricket and other events that take place at the ground, whilst the beautiful post-match fireworks totally make up for the crowded stations on match days. So, no complaints there.  

It’s no surprise that, following the pandemic and people’s increasing appreciation for outdoor spaces around their homes, this leafy area (as its name suggests) has become a popular spot for families valuing easy access to central London as more and more people return to the office.  

So that’s celebrities, music and sports fans, and me. St John’s Wood is extremely close to my heart as it was the first place that welcomed me and guided me into the new life that I chose away from everything I had known for 23 years. While the journey has not always been easy since then, returning home to my tiny cocoon in St John's Wood makes everything seem simpler and motivates me to continue working towards my goals. One of which, a St John’s Wood-specific one, I intend to tick off my to-do list on my way home tonight. 

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