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The SEC Newgate AI Weekly

AI Concept
By David Linnett
11 April 2024
Digital and Insight
artificial intelligence

The US and Japan have announced a major collaboration on AI, with tech taking centre stage to underpin how the US-Japan alliance is evolving into a comprehensive global partnership, driven by innovation. 

AI imagery on social media that deceives the general public has been a much publicised issue, and Meta announced on Friday that it was making major changes to its policies on digitally created and altered media. With a number of high-profile elections this year, its ability to police these images will be seriously tested.

In a really cool development, Spotify are showing one of the benefits of AI in its product by creating a simple tool that allows users to create a playlist purely by describing to the platform what type of music they want to listen to. We can anticipate much more innovation like this to existing services that add another dimension to user experiences across many industries – how could AI revolutionise your business to simplify services that attract a much wider user base?

OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, and ex Apple design lead, Jony Ive, are rumoured to be fundraising for a new AI startup which will challenge the conventional smartphone experience. They are still at the very early fundraising stage but as these two names have history in challenging convention, you can be certain that it will be an exciting project to keep and eye on.