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Spotlight on... Property


By SEC Newgate's Property Team

It may be the season to discuss your summer reading lists, but what about your favourite podcasts?

Over the last few months, SEC Newgate’s property specialists have been sharing their top property-themed podcast picks. Below, we’ve linked to podcasts from across the property spectrum – from market analysis and debate around the big issues in real estate, to fascinating interviews and stories from people operating in and affected by the property sector.

We hope you’ll enjoy our suggestions for property-focusses summer listening.

Market analysis

The Property Podcast

Essential listening for property investors, packed full of fascinating market analysis.

Tej Talks Property

A regular podcast from Tej Singh, talking about his own experience in property investment, the experiences of others, and discussing different property issues.

Fascinating property people and stories

Show me the way: to Propelle you into property with investor Ayesha Ofori

Ayesha Ofori started life as a banker. Whilst doing that she was building a property portfolio on the side. When she started making more money from property than from banking, she ditched the day job and put all her focus into bricks and mortar.

How I won the housing market (without really trying)

The presenter of this podcast bought a two-bed flat for £32,750 in 1985 and sold their home of 20 years for £660,000 in 2014. The next generation is not so lucky. How did the property market get so unfair?

Selling Sunset: how I find homes for the rich and famous

Two women working in Dubai and LA talk to Kim Chakanetsa about the business of selling multi-million-dollar homes.

A home of our own

Lynsey Hanley explores Britain's housing market through the stories of ten very different homes and their occupants.

Super-prime mover: Britain’s most successful estate agent

Gary Hersham has been selling houses to the very rich for decades. At first, £1m was a big deal. Now he sells for £50m, £100m, even £200m. What does it take to stay on top in this cut-throat business?

Big property topics to get stuck into

Why Airbnb is letting employees work anywhere

As many companies evaluate how to return to the office, Airbnb announced a new ‘work-from-anywhere’ policy that will let its employees work remotely from 170 countries. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky explains how he arrived at the idea, and how the policy could serve as a blueprint for other companies.

Why are Japanese homes disposable?

In most countries, houses get more valuable over time. In Japan, a new buyer will often bulldoze the home. In this episode, you’ll find out why.

The death of the department store

The closure of John Lewis’s store in Sheffield after almost 60 years was a bitter blow. As debate rages over what to do with the huge empty site, the city is becoming a test case for where Britain’s urban centres may be heading.

Four Thought - property ownership

Chris Pierson makes the case for a radical rethinking of private property. Arguing that we are currently in the midst of a property crisis, Chris challenges us to go back to basics, to ask whether 'property is theft' and to consider whether there might be another way of allocating property.

How to deal with landlord and tenant mental health issues with Eddy Temple-Morris & My Black Dog

From 2021, this is podcast is centred around the mental health of both tenants and landlords.

Property-adjacent podcasts

Yes, the open office is terrible — but it doesn’t have to be

It began as a post-war dream for a more collaborative and egalitarian workplace. It has evolved into a nightmare of noise and discomfort. Can the open office be saved, or should we all just be working from home?

‘A tale of decay’: the Houses of Parliament are falling down – podcast

From 2017: as politicians dither over repairs, the risk of fire, flood or a deluge of sewage only increases. But fixing the Palace of Westminster might change British politics for good – which is the last thing many of its residents want