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UKREiiF: What’s it all about?

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The UK’s Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum, widely known as UKREiiF, has fast become a key fixture on the annual UK built environment calendar.  So much so that it's easy to overlook the fact it has only happened twice.

UKREiiF may no longer be the newest addition to the built environment's event calendar but, in 2024, it resonates more than ever - with a distinctly British pulse and a keen focus on the UK market, UKREiiF has solidified its position as a leading event in the industry.

Taking place across three days, from 21 to 23 May 2024, UKREiiF is now in its third year and has grown significantly since it opened in 2022, on the back of positive feedback from attendees, a strong content offering, excellent networking opportunities and high-profile guest speakers.

Held in Leeds, UKREiiF is succeeding in bringing together the wider UK built environment industry in one place, including real estate and infrastructure, and attracting investors, local and national government, developers, and consultants. It has become what MIPIM UK once aspired to be but never fully realised.

Last year 6,000 delegates attended, up from 4,000 the previous year, including more than 250 local authorities, 750 plus investors, 500 plus end users and 750 plus developers. This year, according to the website, there will be more than 12,000 attendees, including over 1,500 investors, 1,500 developers,750 occupiers, and more than 250 local authorities.

UKREiiF has also now become an event that delegates will attend instead of MIPIM Cannes, particularly local authorities or those in the industry who do not have a strong business case to attend the annual real estate jamboree in the south of France.

However, whilst at MIPIM much of the networking and valuable activity happens on the periphery of the conference itself, beyond the main venue, this is less the case at UKREiiF, where most of the activity is within the conference venue.

This may change over time as the event gets larger and more fringe events become regular fixtures but, for now, the content programme and the events on the main programme are the main attraction.

In 2023, the weather was on the side of the organisers, which masked some of the drawbacks; personally, I found the sheer number of venues and events to be overwhelming. An abundance of talks, topics, and fringe events left us yearning for more in-depth debates: whilst variety and volume are beneficial, this should not come at the cost of quality. And, if UKREiiF does indeed grow by 40% - as it is expected to – I will be interested to see how Leeds will cater to the influx of attendees and whether it can create an element of the celebratory atmosphere that MIPIM is know for.

Of course, it is important to note that UKREiiF is still a relatively new conference - it is still evolving, and people are still working it out.

How to prepare for UKREiiF
  • Be sure to register onto the event’s delegate directory, which allows you to review the attendees and connect with key people you would like to meet.
  • Review the programme and mark out relevant sessions for you and your business.
  • Post that you are attending on your social channels. In the week prior (w/c 13 May) you should post on LinkedIn, both on personal and corporate accounts, that you are attending, and highlight not only what you are looking forward to at the event (in terms of key sessions/topics) but also what insights you can offer other attendees, thus giving them a reason to connect with you there.
  • Use relevant hashtags within your social posts in the run up to, as well as during the event. Key hashtags include: #UKREiiF #UKREiiF2024 #UKREiiF24.