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Last week I was in Delhi for the PROI’s annual Global Conference. The PROI is a group of 87 independent communications agencies covering over 60 countries across the globe.

In my PROI role as Global Consumer Chair, I am lucky enough to see some truly amazing campaigns from around the world and, in my new role as Head of Campaigns at SEC Newgate, I will be sharing some of these great pieces of work in the coming weeks.

An example that really stood out for me was from Slovakian agency, Seesame, who I have worked with for many years now, most recently on retail giant Tesco. Run by Michaela Benedigova, the agency is known for its creativity and challenging campaigns throughout Europe.

At the conference, David Benedig, the agency’s Head of Digital, presented a brilliantly executed campaign for a newly established Whistleblower Protection Office, highlighting issues of trust in a former communist country, where institutions and people in positions of power are viewed poorly.

Like all great campaigns ‘Nemlcat Je Zlato’ or ‘Speaking up is Golden’ (in English) was an integrated comms campaign supported by a series of TV ads as well as some experiential activity in areas with high footfall.

The video below, shows how this strategic campaign came to life through a visual representation of mimes.

The campaign itself tested positively with consumers with recorded incidents of whistleblowing in Slovakia doubling in the weeks following the campaign.