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Crime drops due to CV

By Beth Colmer
01 April 2020

By Beth Colmer

Crime has fallen since the outbreak of Coronavirus and the measures to stem its flow, according to former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Bernard Hogan-Howe.

“I hear that the police are having far fewer reports of crime at the moment” he told an audience of business leaders this afternoon during a webcast jointly organised by Rosenblatt Solicitors and Newgate Communications.

“Many people are at home, which means that, on the whole, you get far fewer burglaries. But the main driver for the reduction of crime is that the pubs are closed. 80% of police work at night is to do with alcohol – I know people might drink at home, but you haven’t got the same dynamic as people mixing and drinking. It’s made a real difference.”

When asked about whether CV increased the risk of terrorism, Lord Hogan-Lowe was reassuring, “As unpredictable as Coronavirus is for us, it is for terrorists too. There is also a lack of international travel which is hugely in our favour” he said, adding that with less traffic on the roads it was easier for the Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras to pick up any ‘bad guys’.

Lord Hogan-Howe spent six years leading the Met, the UK’s biggest police force.