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CV testing extended to 5+ year olds

18 May 2020

By Tim Le Couilliard, Newgate Public Affairs

The government has announced that anyone over the age of 5 who suspects they have the Coronavirus is now eligible for a test, as they reported once again that yesterday over 100,000 tests had been initiated.

At the daily media briefing, despite the increase in testing, the total daily number of positive cases of CV is now showing a sustained decline from the peak which occurred when testing was expanded at the start of the month.

During the day, Public Health England expanding the list of symptoms which are used to identify sufferers to include loss of sense of smell and taste. Jonathan Van Tam, deputy chief medical officer, was quizzed by the media as to why this change had not been made earlier. He explained that the other symptoms (such as high temperature and persistent cough) developed more quickly and were therefore regarded as a better trigger for people to take necessary isolating actions.

Transport secretary, Grant Shapps also today unveiled plans for “air bridges” between the UK and “low-risk” countries which could allow travel opening up the possibility that foreign summer holidays could still go ahead.