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Letter from... Berlin

15 May 2020

By Geert Harzmann, KOHL PR & Partners (Part of SEC Newgate)

In Germany, the situation is relaxing more and more.  Since the first small steps out of lockdown began at the end of April, the easing of restrictions has picked up speed.

The most important measures for the coming days and weeks include the gradual resumption of school operations, the opening of all retail outlets and the re-opening of restaurants and hotels. The German Soccer League will also resume play in mid-May but initially only as “Ghost Games” without spectators.

The basis for this re-opening and the good news is that the number of new infections continues to decline. There are also no signals to fear an overload of the health system at present. Nevertheless, public life has changed and the rules of social distance remain in place. On public transport and in retail shops, mouth and nose protection is compulsory and larger meetings and events are still not allowed.

Politicians will be watching developments very closely in the coming weeks. If there is a renewed increase in new infections in individual regions, local shut-down measures may be taken again.