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Letter from... Perth

30 April 2020

By Lenda Oshalem, Associate Partner, Newgate Communications Perth

G’Day from Perth where we enjoy almost year-round beautiful weather but generally try to keep that to ourselves!

We have flattened the curve in Australia and in my home-state of Western Australia we have started to see the State Government ease a few restrictions. Our intrastate borders still exist to protect vulnerable communities in regional areas and these will likely remain in place for many months. I have noticed a distinct buzz in the air during catch ups with our friends and networks (over zoom) – Is this an opportunity for us to reignite the debate around Western Australia’s secession? (For reference:

Perth companies have eased into the new normal and we at Newgate are finding we can be more easily connected to our eastern state colleagues with a full-on shift into the virtual space. In this new normal! 

Morale is maintained through a daily catch up of the Perth team to share updates, exchange ideas and participate in a daily trivia quiz (but to be honest, my morale is boosted by not participating because the questions are too hard…). 

It is all about the economic recovery now, supporting organisations who are doing good work in Western Australia to make life a little easier for people, create jobs and deliver critical economic activity. Onwards!