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Letter from Poland... SEC Newgate CEE stands with Ukraine


By Ewa Grabek

At first, everyone gave their all. We have never seen our country so united and eager to help before. This huge, nation-wide movement to provide attacked Ukrainians with shelter, healthcare, food and necessities, jobs or even military equipment lasted for the first few weeks of the war. The whole world witnessed countless acts of selflessness: donations of money and food, opening their own homes to provide accommodation, furnishing schools, adopting children and pets. Since the 24th of February, over three million Ukrainian refugees have fled to Poland and found safety there. 

But here in Poland we like to say that helping is not a sprint, but rather, a marathon. 

As Ukraine's conflict with Russia continues, it was necessary to find solutions to provide aid in a more organised and institutionalised way. Just as members of our team have engaged in humanitarian actions individually, we are also doing our part as a company. 

SEC Newgate CEE has teamed up with an American humanitarian organization, GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT MISSION INC (GEM), in their efforts of providing help to Ukraine. GEM is currently conducting one of the largest aid operations in the world - the total value of aid committed so far is counted in hundreds of millions USD! 

We also hosted the Entrepreneurs' Organization board members - Carrie Santos and David Anderson - when they visited Poland to witness and support the help provided for Ukrainian refugees by Polish business leaders. Prior to becoming the CEO of the Entrepreneurs'​ Organization, Carrie Santos held a position in the U.S. Department of State and has worked in the American Red Cross as Executive Director of International Response and Programs. 

Like many European institutions and companies, SEC Newgate CEE has partnered with This non-commercial initiative lets you impose your own personal sanctions to stop fuelling Putin’s war machine, by introducing more eco-friendly habits into your everyday life. 

Last but not least, as advisors of the Equaversity Foundation, we participated in cooperation with Lambda Warszawa (the oldest Polish LGBT+ organization) to provide assistance to LGBT refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Thanks to donors from around the world, Lambda has set up a Centre for LGBT Ukraine Refugees and provides them with psychological help in their native language. You can help too, by donating through their website: