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A postcard from... Dubai

By Naz Zandi
08 August 2023
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As part of our work abroad scheme, whereby you can work up to four weeks a year from anywhere in the world, Naz Zandi, an Account Executive in our Consumer team, spent a month working in Dubai from the SEC Newgate Middle East office… here’s how it went…


From the moment I stepped into the SEC Middle East office, I was welcomed with warmth and enthusiasm. The team fostered a collaborative environment that encouraged knowledge sharing and personal growth. Being part of the team was an incredibly enriching experience allowing me to work closely with the team and gain valuable insights into the GCC market. I worked with a number of clients such as SheGlam, White Milano, Instituto Marangoni, It's so simple, and White Resort. The fast-paced nature of the agency exposed me to opportunities every day and offered me the chance to work in a new cultural and business environment to expand my understanding of global communications practices.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the work abroad scheme was the chance to contribute to campaigns. Whether it was developing my knowledge, writing press releases, or researching, the cooperative nature of the team allowed for guidance, ensuring that I was able to grow my skills throughout my time there. The team encouraged a supportive atmosphere that allowed me to quickly integrate into the working dynamics of the office.

Moreover, being based in Dubai offered me a unique vantage point to witness the region's rapid development and its role as a global business hub. The city's multicultural atmosphere and futuristic developments created an inspiring backdrop for my few weeks there. Embracing the local culture and immersing in the dynamic environment allowed me to build new connections with colleagues and clients alike.

Beyond the professional growth, this experience also allowed for personal development and cultural enrichment. Exploring Dubai during my time off gave me a deeper appreciation for the city's vibrant energy. Engaging with the local community and learning about their traditions and customs allowed me to embrace new perspectives.

My month spent working at SEC Newgate Middle East was an unforgettable experience. The work environment, diverse range of projects, and exposure to the Middle Eastern market equipped me with valuable skills and insights that will continue to shape my career. The opportunity to work with esteemed clients will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on my professional journey. I recommend that colleagues do take the opportunity to experience working abroad in one of the SEC Newgate offices whether it’s Spain, Italy, New York, Dubai or any of the many SEC Newgate offices around the world – it’s incredibly rewarding!