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Producing our own extra bit of crisis

By SEC Newgate team
10 February 2021

By Maurizio Maione

Italians are said to be able to show their best in hard times. It’s in fact these regrettable circumstances that the typical mixture of relentlessness, lawlessness and creative attitude that helps Italians overcome difficulties and centuries of sheer individualism.

Based on current proceedings, one could say Italians like to add that extra bit of chaos every now and then. The never-ending second wave of the Pandemic has become even more bitter thanks to fierce negotiations with pharmaceutical firms, who so far have failed to provide the agreed number of doses of the vaccines. However, as if this was not enough, Italy has decided that this issue would best be downplayed by introducing a full-blown political crisis.

I am afraid the relationship between the latest stages of the pandemic and the crisis which ended Mr Conte’s second government is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. Certainly, there were several other elements which played a part in the divorce, but it really looked like the past government was starting to run short of both vision and a sense of proportion.

Italians, that were optimistic thanks to the smooth start of the vaccination plan are now also faced with the prospect of a “no way” plan to find a credible proposal for the recovery fund. We currently live this new stage with a mix of astonishment, regret and sorrow.

And here, President Sergio Mattarella, who supposedly possess a great deal of the national genius, announced a proposal to have Mr Mario Draghi form a new government and a new majority. Mr Draghi, one of the very best of men, the one known for the “whatever it takes” doctrine which was proved when, as chairman of the ECB, he found himself engaged in a campaign to save the euro from international failure is apparently succeeding in several different tasks:

  • Being able to enlarge the majority keeping together those who were battling the establishment and those who formed part of it;
  • Creating a new tier of respectable politicians with regard to those who have tried to break into power;
  • Negotiating with a varied group of politicians and leaders, some with significant problems of their own with decorum and without losing an ounce of credibility.

One might ask where Mr Draghi was earlier in 2020, but that would have been to easy, you know how Italians are passionate about creating chaos.