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Public survey on planning system in England launched

By Drew Aspinwall
29 October 2020

By Drew Aspinwall

Twelve weeks ago, the Government launched a Planning White Paper proposing an overhaul of the ‘outdated’ planning system and a reform of the way the country builds, with a commitment to getting 300,000 homes built per year.

With that consultation period at an end, the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee (HCLG)has launched the public-facing part of this process, inviting the public, i.e. those not professionally involved in the housing and development sector to get involved.

Yesterday, they launched an online survey inviting respondents to set out how they have used the planning system in the past and ways in which it could be improved in the future. The answers and examples given in the survey will be used by the Committee to inform future questioning to the Government. The survey is open until Wednesday 11th November (23:59).

The Committee will also be holding a virtual public engagement event on Thursday 26th  November where there will be an opportunity to talk about the planning system with members of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee – those interested in being consider for selection, should tick the relevant box as part of the survey.