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AI continues to be front and centre of the news this week, with the UK indicating its intention to lead the world in AI, and some of the most prominent names in AI co-signing a letter warning about the potential impact of AI on humanity...

Rishi Sunak wants the UK to lead on AI

Rishi Sunak has been in Washington this week, and when he wasn’t dodging throwing the first pitch at the baseball, he was bigging up the UK as leading the world in AI. Part of this included announcing the first global summit on AI, hosted in the UK. He certainly has big ideas about making the UK the leading authority on AI, but it remains to be seen how this one plays out.

14 charts to tell the story of AI

Newcomer have produced an interesting series of charts that give a good idea of the state of play in AI as of right now. Some of the more interesting outtakes are that Anthropic are a major challenger to OpenAI, investment is continuing to flow in and interest in AI apps can fluctuate, while chatbots are proving more resilient.

A warning from those in the AI driving seat

The Centre for AI safety have published a 22-word statement warning about the threat it feels that AI poses to humanity. Signatories include Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. There’s no doubt that AI poses significant risks, but there are also countless positives and opportunities presented by AI. We have to ensure they get it right.  

Elections are coming

With the upcoming US and UK elections, there is significant concern about the role that AI will play in these, specifically through deepfakes. We have already seen deepfakes of Clinton and Biden, while former President Donald Trump shared a doctored video of Anderson Cooper earlier this month. This could be something that turns very ugly, very quickly.

On a lighter note

Football fans are using AI to create catchy songs for new signings.