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A SEC Newgate Breakfast Briefing: Understanding the Metaverse

Understanding the Metaverse Event
Technology, Media & Telecomms

Today, SEC Newgate hosted its Breakfast Briefing, "Understanding the Metaverse" considering all things metaverse, 3D internet or spatial computing.

Whatever your definition, this intricate tapestry that brings together gaming, education, healthcare, commerce and many other sectors has vast potential.

Director, Communications, Naomi Kerbel spoke to industry pioneers David WhelanJulien ArteroKate Rhodes and Barry Downes about the ethical and societal implications of the metaverse, as well as the investment outlook and regularity progress that's being made.

Some highlights included:

David Whelan from ENGAGE XR revealing that it’s via telecomms companies that consumers gain the first access to ‘the verse’ and that group participation in online schooling is a massive growth area. He also said to beware of the Ponzi scheme that sees people selling virtual land for prices way higher than they should be.

Kate Rhodes from Paysafe stating that ESG (and the G in particular) will play a far larger role going forward in the metaverse as more standards-setting bodies pop up.

Julien Artero from ZENPULSAR said that there are 400 million people already using the metaverse, with 51% of them being 13 years and younger, so we need another Covid-style moment to rapidly and pointedly change habits and ways of working.

Barry Downes from Sure Valley Ventures spoke of the limitations of the newly launched Apple VR headsets with one focal length inducing eye strain and how there is tech emerging that can change depth of field to overcome that.

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