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Building and protecting brands, reputations & businesses

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Fintech has revolutionised the way financial services are being delivered to customers...


The clean-tech sector has continued to evolve rapidly over the past decade. With a slew of...

Space Tech

Space Tech is in the midst of a revolution and is set to become a multi-trillion-dollar...


The ever increasing demand for connectivity, better broadband, the need to upgrade...


The media sector has perhaps evolved more than any other in recent years. Technology has...

Our Services

SEC Newgate UK’s Green & Good team works with organisations to define, articulate and communicate their environmental and social purpose and build ESG stakeholder communications and advocacy.

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We work with organisations through their growth cycle, from individuals and start-ups to global leaders. We have had great success advising organisations and industries which are going through rapid transformation with consequent policy and regulatory issues.

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Our stakeholder and community engagement experts can help you identify and understand your key local audiences, providing you with insight to help define your objectives and messaging.

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We help businesses and organisations make sense of the political agenda and the forces that shape it.

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Whether it’s developing a brand from scratch, creating a simple flyer or social post to sprinkling magic dust on a mammoth PowerPoint, our design and branding team can help.

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Our award-winning financial communications team helps companies to build their reputation with investment audiences. We help management teams better engage with shareholders and help to attract new investors.

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At SEC Newgate UK our planning communications team devise strategies to help clients better communicate with politicians, communities, the media and other interested groups.

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It’s the outcomes of our communications that matter. Using a mixture of science and art, our consumer team design and drive impactful multichannel campaigns with measurable results, via engaging PR, digital, content and brand experiences.

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We drive everyday insight by creating and curating the most up-to-date, relevant statistics and trending content or by acting as a barometer for how communities feel about a topic or brand.

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SEC Newgate provide expert issues, opinion, messaging and reputation research amongst senior stakeholders, influencers, the community, customers and employees.

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Recent thinking, insights, events...

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