Why I’m doing dry January in lockdown

By Henry Taylor

With the UK now in a national lockdown for the third time and for the foreseeable future, the idea of spending January without alcohol seems particularly unappealing at the moment. The prospect of a drink at the end of a dark day or week certainly offers some comfort in these anxious times.

Having said this, in some ways the circumstances for doing Dry January have never been better, and I’ve taken the already questionable decision to give the month without a drink a try. Free from any pressure to go out drinking socially (not that I usually mind), one of the biggest obstacles to a successful Dry January has been set aside this year. Zoom calls are a great enabler of Dry January too – now, more than ever, you can get away with claiming that your glass of water is in fact a gin and tonic.

In this respect, January this year presents an opportunity to hunker down and reset mind and body alike in the hope that the summer will present a bounty of opportunities to make up for the relative restraint of the last ten months.