Letter from… Manchester

By Josh Bell, Senior Consultant

As Manchester has re-opened, the city looks and feels very different. The Northern Quarter, where I live and work, has been transformed. Bars and restaurants which were confined to their indoor space have spilled out onto the streets. Throughout the past few weeks Manchester City Council has set about closing roads, widening pavements and creating outdoor dining spaces for the Northern Quarter’s drinking and dining establishments. 

Stevenson Square, which was traditionally a bus stop for commuters, has become a bustling hub of friendship groups and an opportunity for the community to gather, drink and dine outdoors. Planters create a garden-like feel, and similar developments have also transformed Ancoats, with the area’s independent restaurants and bars moving their trade to the main square to create the feeling of a bustling European city. 

These welcome changes are opening up the city in a safe and secure way. Despite the ever uncertain Mancunian weather, this transformation creates a feel of community – bringing the buzz of the city out on to the streets. Whilst these changes might not be appealing in the deep British winter, the feeling amongst many locals is that this is something which should stay.