Why I think dry January is an appalling idea (especially this year!)

By Simon Gentry

I generally think the idea of dry January is barmy.

For a start I have my birthday in January and although I’m not a big birthday party person (few January birthday people are), I rather like sharing a good bottle of wine with my nearest and dearest on my special day.

I also think January is a lousy month to choose to avoid alcohol.  Why not choose April or May, lovely optimistic months.  And they are months when the evenings are getting longer and you could be outdoors doing things, rather than cooped up inside watching television as we tend to do in January.

To top things off, why would you choose this particular January, of all Januarys? I mean isn’t it all depressing enough?!  For many of us good food and wine are our only solace.

Cheers! Prost! Chin chin! Skol! Bottoms up! I’m not giving up my evening drink till the sun comes back and this damn virus has been defeated!