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Case Study

Case study - Creating a brand for Zenpulsar


Zenpulsar is a data centric AI technology start up founded in the UK in 2021. The company approached us to create a logo, brand guidelines and some marketing collateral.

Social media data is a goldmine of information for investors, businesses, and government organisations. But the platforms are populated by bots, humans, influencers, and spammers — all using different languages and formats. Extracting value out of this chaos, in real time, with speed and accuracy remains a huge technological challenge. Zenpulsar’s cutting edge Data Centric AI aims to cut through the noise and spot early signals, emerging trends and viral narratives before the crowds, and everyone else.

Following several sessions with the client to truly understand their vision and define their target audience, competitors, and positioning strategy we proposed three visual concepts to the client. Each approach met the brief but in different ways, giving the client options for how they could differentiate themselves from competitors and identify the core attributes they wanted their brand identity to communicate. In addition, we shared an imagery-branding document to support the visual strategy.

Following an exchange of ideas and feedback sessions, the client chose one route, which we then fully developed. Final materials supplied included a brand guideline document, website page designs in Figma, PowerPoint and Word templates, and a bespoke investor pitch document.

We are happy to share that Zenpulsar have recently contacted us again, to request more design services for one of their new products.

SEC Newgate’s senior brand designer led the development of our brand vision from the beginning. Her applied strategic mindset and creativity worked brilliantly to translate our core values into a design that accurately reflects our identity.

JULIEN Artero - Co-Founder, Zenpulsar



Our design team created new brands for more than 10 clients last year. This has included naming workshops to bringing a fresh perspective to established brand identities.



Last year, we collaborated with clients to produce more than 50 videos for use as promotional materials and across social media.


Over the past 12 months the design team has helped curate and deliver in the region of 150 digital newsletters.

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Meet the design and branding specialists who helped create a brand identity for Zenpulsar.

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