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A first-timer’s perspective of MIPIM 2024…

MIPIM 2024
By Megan Sawh
21 March 2024
Community & Stakeholder Engagement
Community & Stakeholder Engagement
Planning Communications and Consultation

More than 20,000 delegates from around the world descended on Cannes, France, last week to attend the 34th year of MIPIM. This year saw some of the biggest names within the real estate industry come together – with delegates from new regions including North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia - to share ideas, discuss emerging trends and develop new relationships whilst, of course, taking in the French sunshine.

Seven of our SEC Newgate property experts headed out to MIPIM this year and, for two of them, it was their first time attending the event. Here, Senior Consultants, Megan Sawh and Rebecca Coleman, share their key takeaways and top tips for attending what is arguably the largest real estate conference in the calendar...

It’s fair to say when we boarded the plane from London Luton on Monday morning, we knew we were on the correct flight. When people say MIPIM is a sea of navy suits, they weren’t far wrong! Whilst those who have been attending the conference for years claim things have improved from a diversity perspective, there is still a long way to go. However, there were several female-focused events and networking opportunities throughout the week, and it was good to see many more women there than we expected. There was something quite exciting about being there as women and being part of the change.

We were lucky enough to meet some impressive people throughout our week whilst attending panel and networking events, or over  a glass of wine and some dinner. Everyone’s diary fill up so quickly - as do the restaurants - so be organised and make the relevant bookings, otherwise you could find yourself walking around for a long time searching for a table.

Don’t underestimate just how big MIPIM is, or how easy it is to get lost within the palais. There were more than 340 stands, so make sure you factor this into your calendar, otherwise you could quite literally be running from meeting to meeting – and doing it in heels is not ideal, so don’t make the same mistake we did!

It can also be quite overwhelming having a back-to-back diary for the week – we’d recommend leaving some flexibility within your schedule, allowing for a bit of spontaneity. You’ll no doubt pick up invitations throughout the day to exciting events and networking opportunities.

Megan: “A key highlight for me was attending a networking event at The Majestic Hotel that SEC Newgate helped organise – the room was filled with senior real estate professionals making introductions and sharing ideas and insights.”

Rebecca: “The benefits of MIPIM really show themselves in the chance meetings outside the many cafes and restaurants dotted around the Croisette. Plans were always changing and some of the best dinners and evenings were shared with complete strangers (at the beginning, at least!).“

Whilst the property market over the last year has showed signs of complexity and vulnerability, we came away from MIPIM with a sense of excitement, as we see last year’s challenges transform into new opportunities for businesses.

If you’re offered the opportunity to go to MIPIM, take it with open arms, but ensure you spend the time beforehand planning and mapping out your week. Whilst it can be overwhelming initially, MIPIM is – and has been - a great opportunity to broaden our networks, meet with inspirational people, and gain new business.