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Out of date chocolates, weed killer, hoover bags and shoe polish among the worst gifts ever received by Brits at Christmas

By Beth Colmer
08 December 2022

By Beth Colmer

We’ve all been there; Christmas day, the fizz is flowing, wrapping paper litters the floor and with an expectant smile, you are handed a present which will end up either in the regift drawer or charity shop pile by Boxing Day. A recent poll by ecommerce platform, Wish, has now revealed the official list of worst Christmas presents ever received by Brits – and there are some doozies!  

Out-of-date chocolates (29%) and toilet plungers (28%) are top of the list, along with weed killer (26%) and even a wig (24%). A whopping 24% have received a tin of baked beans, 23% have received a mop and bucket and 22% have found spot cream and hoover bags under the tree.

So, it’s not surprising that 44% of people have been completely lost for words after opening a present such was their dismay, with over a fifth (21%) having a showdown on Christmas Day with the giftee as a direct result. Afterall, what is Christmas without a row?!

The study also revealed that 37% of the nation has at least one family member who always gives them the worst presents every single Christmas. Almost a quarter (23%) said their in-laws are the biggest offenders, while a fifth admit to hating the presents their mum puts under the tree. And 18 percent confess they can’t stand the gifts that their other half buys for them every year.

Perhaps the most shocking results from the research however, revealed that three in ten Britons couldn’t help but buy a pressie for someone they already knew they were going to hate and over a fifth (21%) confess they did it as they secretly can’t stand the person.

So, watch out on 25th December.  And for God’s sake, don’t buy anyone a toilet plunger!


  1. Out of date chocolates - 29%
  2. A half dead plant - 29%
  3. A toilet plunger - 28%
  4. A damaged or broken item clearly bought at a discounted price - 28%
  5. Weight loss pills - 26%
  6. Weed killer - 26%
  7. A wig - 24%
  8. A can of baked beans - 24%
  9. A mop and bucket - 23%
  10. Spot cream - 22%
  11. Hair removal cream - 22%
  12. Hoover bags - 22%
  13. Ugly art - 21%
  14. Shoe polish - 20%
  15. A waterproof mattress cover - 20%
  16. A jar of pickles - 20%
  17. Horrible smelling perfume or aftershave - 20%
  18. An odd pair of socks - 19%                                                                 
  19. An item of clothing you’ve seen the person wear - 19%
  20. An ironing board cover - 18%                                           

This research of 2,000 Britons was commissioned by Wish and conducted by Perspectus Global during October 2022.