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Henry Columbine

Meet Henry Columbine

Henry has more than 10 years’ experience in communications, with a focus on the property sector.

Working with developers, investment firms and consultants, Henry and his team help their clients to achieve clear commercial objectives, whether that means securing new tenants for an office building, attracting investors, increasing deal flow or winning new customers. They do this through a range of tactics including media relations, social media, writing powerful content, winning awards, securing speaking opportunities and organising events and brand partnerships.

A particularly strong writer, with previous experience in translation, proofreading and creating content for language-learning software, Henry believes in clear, straightforward communication and has a particular aversion to flannel, jargon and clichés.

Henry has a BA in Modern Languages (French and German) from Durham University and has lived and worked in France, Austria and Guadeloupe.

My proudest moment? From translating a whole magazine on polyurethane in a previous job to ghostwriting numerous articles on behalf of clients now, I always get a buzz from seeing my words in print – even if my name is rarely attached to them!


Henry Columbine

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