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Alina Haritonova

Meet Alina Haritonova

Prior to joining SEC Newgate, Alina worked as a reporter for, a publication that focuses on the financial industry, and a freelance translator for one of the biggest consumer goods companies.

Alina holds a master’s degree in International Political economy from King’s College London and a first-class bachelor’s degree in International Politics from City University. She did her first internship at an advertising agency in Riga at the age of 14. Alina speaks four languages, including English, French, Russian and Latvian.

Alina is an avid chocolate eater. She loves all things Art Nouveau, collects posters and magnets, and her favourite movie director is Wes Anderson.

Proudest moment? When I made a bet with my brother at the age of seven and stopped drinking Coke, Fanta and Sprite.  

Alina Haritonova

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