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Caeden Cann

Meet Caeden Cann

As part of the Engage/Local team based in the south west, Caeden excels in finding processes that meet the needs of clients when dealing with large datasets, multiple stakeholder groups and conflicting priorities. Their research & analysis skills and dependability are highly valued. Prior to SEC Newgate, they worked in both the financial services and education sectors.

Caeden has a degree in Fine Art and in 2019, completed the first year of an Engineering degree with the Open University, a culmination of studying part-time alongside work for two years.

People always think that having a background in art and then engineering is like moving from one end of the spectrum to the other, but I see it as being able to add creativity to logical thinking. Each compliments the other and gives me a more unique perspective - one that I’m proud to utilise.

Caeden Cann

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