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Green & Good (environmental and social impact)

Stakeholder communications and advocacy

Green & Good advise organisations on communications strategy, campaigns and advocacy focused on delivering social and environmental impact within the stakeholder economy.


We believe that good business can go beyond ESG and make real, positive change and deliver impact for the planet, communities and people, as well as delivering profit growth and investment returns. To achieve that, organisations need buy-in and support from all stakeholder groups to gain credibility and demonstrate the value of their responsible business strategy.


Strategic stakeholder communications and advocacy plays a critical role in promoting and protecting reputation in a world where success is judged by more than just profit, growth and investment returns. We help organisations to effectively communicate their vision, ambitions and achievements.


We create thought leadership and campaigning platforms and we convene like-minded organisations and individuals together to create movements for positive change.


SEC Newgate UK was named Communications Agency of the Year at the edie Net Zero Awards 2023.


We develop sustainability and impact reports and advise clients on transparent ESG communications and reporting.



Development of ESG and stakeholder engagement strategy, compelling narrative, communications protocols and political intelligence

Building bespoke communications programmes that deliver business objectives, showcase positive social and environmental outcomes as well as impact

Policy expertise in solving the most challenging legislative issues

Creation of insightful content, supported by data and research, that showcases industry and ESG leadership

Advice and development of impact reports that demonstrate delivery against ESG objectives and targets

SEC Newgate UK is now a B Corp

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Our work in ESG and Impact

In a world of ever-changing priorities, the most defining of our generation centres around climate change, environmental practices, efforts to create positive business impacts and innovation towards a green future.

We act as agents for change, advising organisations on their transition from the old-world economy to the new, green & good economy. From strategy that promotes and protects brand identity, to effective communications and advocacy programmes - we build trust and secure buy-in for business plans that deliver purpose as well as profit.

ESG Monitor

The ESG Monitor is a ground-breaking global research project undertaken by SEC Newgate to examine how Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues influence perceptions of business and government.

In our 2022 ESG Monitor 46% cited an environmental concern as the most important ESG issue for companies, ahead of social (28%) or governance-related issues (10%).

78% of respondents to our 2022 ESG Monitor agree companies have a responsibility to be a good citizen.

72% of respondents in our 2022 ESG Monitor want companies to communicate their ESG efforts more clearly.


We have won or been shortlisted for more than 25 awards over the past 2 years, many of which include ESG - not to mention the dozens of awards we have written and designed on behalf of our clients.

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