SEC Newgate introduces clients to private client brokers (PCBs), high-net-worth individuals and family offices across the UK who collectively handle funds worth around £1.5tn.

Our bespoke service, along with our PR service and company broker, helps companies to improve and strengthen their register as well as increase liquidity and reduce volatility of their share price. We can also support pre-IPO companies by helping to raise their profile during an initial book-build in which they may either buy in at IPO or will be interested ahead of the secondary market. We work directly with company management and investor relations teams to provide a coordinated service to wealth managers.

We organise UK-wide PCB roadshows, regularly undertake in-depth perception audits, share register analysis and collect feedback from these investors, thus ensuring that our client’s investment proposition is well-presented and fully understood. We also host thematic conferences for PCBs, brokers and journalists where companies can present their expertise and knowledge through thought leadership.

We help our clients to:

  • Promote their unique investment proposition to the wider PCB community alongside their broker;
  • Increase the strength and breadth of their share register;
  • Create a ready source of buyers to mop up small parcels of shares and support the long-term share price performance;
  • Reduce share price volatility and increase liquidity and marketability of the company’s shares;
  • Establish regular communication with existing PCB shareholders, to reinforce the investment proposition and ensure a supportive shareholder base;
  • Help management with their investor communications to ensure their time is used effectively;
  • Increase the company’s profile and reputation across the market and build a large and informed investor audience for future news flow.


Key Contacts

Bob Huxford

Bob Huxford

Director, Communications

> Bob advises publicly listed growth companies on their financial communications.