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SEC Newgate's Advocacy Team

As a new government takes office, our SEC Newgate Advocacy team is ready to help guide you through what it means for your organisation.

Our Advocacy brochure sets out out how we deliver impact - working with clients to identify the right skills, tactics and insights for them – and how we help inform and shape the debates that matter, bringing together political decision makers and the stakeholders they need to hear from, providing fresh insight and analysis.

Delivering impact through policy and regulatory change

At SEC Newgate, our experienced team of public affairs professions devise strategies based on our expert knowledge that deliver meaningful impact for our clients through policy and regulatory change.


Providing business with the understanding it needs to navigate a fast-changing political environment.


Shaping the policy landscape to deliver results and ensure your voice is heard, and message is understood by your key stakeholders.


Giving insight into the legislative and regulatory affairs agenda and its impact on business interests.

SEC Newgate’s public affairs team draws on cross-party political experience to shape policy and deliver campaigns that reach the right people, change perceptions and achieve results.

Our professionals work across a range of highly regulated sectors to deliver strategic advice and policy analysis, and know how to navigate the shifting political landscape.

In a decade defined by geo-political and domestic challenges, the ability to build strong relationships with the decisionmakers formulating policy and the legislative agenda has never been more important.

With direct experience across Whitehall, Westminster and the devolved administrations, SEC Newgate’s public affairs team helps shape and achieve policy change. We provide political advisory and strategic counsel to the most recognised UK and international businesses, helping them navigate the challenging political, regulatory and media landscape.

Our integrated approach to public affairs allows us to create campaigns that achieve real impact through utilising the media, digital platforms and specialist teams, such as our Green and Good team. Whether a business comes up against a policy challenge or political threat, our team uses first-hand knowledge of politics, policy and the media to provide insight and find the right solution.

As a member of the VCTA I have been working with the team at SEC Newgate for several years. Their knowledge of parliamentary procedure and legislation is second to none. The team are articulate, insightful and always on hand for strategic advice

Justine Duggan, Head of Public Affairs - Octopus

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As a new government takes office, our SEC Newgate Advocacy team is ready to help guide you...

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