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Greg has provided strategic counsel to CEOs and Boards across a range of sectors.

He founded SEC Newgate’s energy practice, leading successful campaigns for clients to amend the Energy Act 2013 to create the Offtaker of Last Resort, to amend the Energy Act 2016 to secure grace periods for investors with sunk costs, and to secure the 2020 commitment from government to end discrimination against established technologies within the CfD auction system.
Greg joined SEC Newgate after spells working in government, as a senior strategist in Whitehall, and subsequently as Head of Media Strategy for the Mayor of London’s London Development Agency during 2005 and 2006, including for the London 2012 Interim Olympic Delivery Authority in the summer of 2005. His crisis comms experience for the Mayor of London included both the London Olympic Bid and 7/7. He was the Co-operative Party media strategist for the 2010 general election.

Having published three books on British politics, he was a political columnist for the Scotsman newspaper 2006-2010. More recently he has written for the Spectator, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Times Red Box, HuffPost, New Statesman and The Critic.

A former Vice-Chair of the Fabian Society, he was Consultant Director at think tank Reform 2009-19, for whom he co-wrote three reports on Whitehall reform, including Fit for Purpose with Elizabeth Truss and Andrew Haldenby. 

Greg Rosen

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