Double denim for dementia, anyone?

By Vanessa Chance

For Dementia Action Week 2022, Alzheimer’s Society has a new fundraising initiative: get your denim on for dementia. In fact, why not go double denim, or get creative with your old jeans by turning them into something new and become a ‘jeanius’ to raise funds for the charity? If only there was a way to magically get us all into our pre-lockdown pairs – I know many people who would pay a fortune for that.

In addition to these fundraising initiatives, there is also a more serious side to the campaign. This year, Alzheimer’s Society is encouraging people not to mistake the early symptoms of dementia for signs of normal ageing. Although it’s common to become more forgetful as we get older, asking the same question over and over again can be an early indication of dementia. When we refuse to recognise it as such, this only minimises the seriousness of the disease and can delay support being offered to those with genuine symptoms.

Assuming that symptoms like memory loss are a sign of normal ageing is the biggest barrier to people seeking a dementia diagnosis. Diagnosis rates are currently at a five-year low, meaning tens of thousands of people are now living with it undiagnosed and not getting access to the vital care and support that a diagnosis can bring.

Alzheimer’s Society is encouraging those who are concerned that they or someone close to them may be experiencing signs of dementia, to come to them for support. They can offer practical advice on what steps to take, what to expect during and after the diagnosis process, and what support Alzheimer’s Society can offer throughout. Visit or call 0333 150 3456 for more information.

Insurance United Against Dementia (IUAD) is a fundraising and awareness raising campaign led by Alzheimer’s Society and leaders from the insurance sector. Its goals are to increase awareness of dementia, to raise funds to help fight the disease and to make insurance better for those living with it. Following last week’s BIBA conference, more than £6.8 million has now been pledged to the campaign and the aim is to get this to at least £10 million.

IUAD fully supports Dementia Action Week and for those working in insurance who want to help, please get in touch via the link above. Double denim is optional.