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Case Study

Case Study - Environmental Services Association – Right Waste, Right Place

The Brief

Right Waste, Right Place is a multi-channel waste awareness campaign, backed by the Environment Agency and industry groups, seeking to raise awareness of Duty of Care obligations amongst hard-to-reach SMEs.

Our brief was to deliver a campaign to raise awareness amongst SMEs of their Duty of Care obligations relating to waste.

Our Solution and the Outcomes

Our approach

To drive the campaign forward and reach the target audience of SMEs, SEC Newgate:

  • Co-ordinated a diverse campaign team made up of stakeholders from government, the Environment Agency and industry bodies.

  • Hosted branding and key messaging sessions with the campaign team to establish a Right Waste, Right Place brand identity distinct from the campaign sponsors.

  • In conjunction with the campaign team, developed a communications strategy to identify and effectively target the key audience of SMEs.

  • The campaign was aimed at driving regional and sector awareness in particular and involved all of our regional offices in reaching out to local stakeholders, media and potential ‘ambassador’ partners. The latter included a very successful partnership with Natural Resources Wales.

  • We developed specific market research comparing levels of awareness and types of approach to waste management in different sectors and regions. The results were used to illustrate the core messages of the campaign and sustain them over the implementation period.

  • We identified and analysed the most effective tools to communicate with hard-to-reach groups such as sole traders, including local press, local radio and trade publications.

  • SEC Newgate designed and launched an accessible, engaging campaign website – – to host materials and signpost relevant information.

  • We drafted social media strategy and a programme consistent with key messages and branding. We also launched and managed their Twitter and Facebook accounts

  • We developed and launched an Ambassador Programme to engage key stakeholders and use their existing networks to communicate with SMEs. To date 41 companies, local authorities, charities and industry groups have become Campaign Ambassadors.

  • The SEC Newgate team designed and drafted a range of campaign materials across different formats including simple guides to Duty of Care, case studies and Need to Know cards. Designed and commissioned an animated video.

  • We launched sector-specific mini-campaigns to target industry groups and SMEs in construction, agriculture and retail. Hosted regional seminars to discuss Duty of Care and develop campaign contacts.



The campaign has become established within the waste industry, been nominated for multiple awards, reached over 500,000 Ambassador customers and suppliers, and secured local, regional and trade media coverage with a potential reach of over 10 million people.

Key contacts

Meet the specialist team who worked with the client to develop a robust and effective consultation strategy for both client and stakeholders 

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