The UK needs safe, secure and affordable energy while it reduces emissions, which means investing in renewables, upgrading our energy infrastructure and developing innovative technology while ensuring we are not dependent on any one source.

SEC Newgate has built up extensive experience in the energy sector whether it is: advising clients in how to secure planning permission for new facilities; helping clients raise funds for new technologies such as battery, hydrogen and carbon capture; or engaging with government on regulation and environmental legislation. 

Energy is a sector with many challenges and influential campaigning activists. Whether it is decommissioning North Sea oil and gas facilities, local community engagement on nuclear energy facilities, making the case for shale gas, or helping make the UK a leader in fuel cell and hydrogen technolgies, SEC Newgate consultants can offer companies the complete range of expertise to secure their objectives and build and maintain their reputation.

Key Contacts

Paul Kelly

Co-Head, Advocacy

Paul jointly leads our Advocacy practice and advises clients on new energy and infrastructure projects.

Douglas Johnson

Director, Advocacy

Douglas advises clients on securing consent for energy and infrastructure projects, including Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.

Elisabeth Cowell

MD, Communications

> Elisabeth advises companies on their investor communications. Her experience includes leisure, natural resources, energy and tech.

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